Nine Things

on Thursday, April 19, 2012

I have probably made more than this recently, but I walked around and took pictures of nine things I've made since I haven't been posting.

  1. Snow globe made from bird toy, baby food jar, water, and glitter. 
  2. Not yet completed! But it would still be beautiful left this way. Collage of bright colored magazine scraps. 
  3. Framed art I made from an old dictionary page, covered with tracing paper, stamped with the words "clarere, audere, gaudere" which is Latin for "be bright, be daring, be joyful". Also I used a peacock feather from my wedding and a vintage brass heart knickknack I got from
  4. Lamp made from a wine glass and string LED lights from IKEA.
  5. A large bright blue key painted from boring bronze-splotchy color. 
  6. My betta fishy, Larkspur, has his own little name announcement for all who sit near to watch him. 
  7. My first perfected version of a little bag made from the end of an envelope. 
  8. One of the stamps I carved using erasers from the dollar store and a Speedball carver.
  9. A shrinky-dink pendant for a necklace.
Perhaps I should elaborate on the stamp carving in another post... 

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