There is a wildfire near my house. About three miles away. It's really rattling to see this natural disaster from my front yard. At this point in time, there are so many wild fires that people become numb to how scary they are. The idea never really sinks in. So I took some pictures of the fire in Alpine, Utah. Imagine.

The crowd.

The view from our front yard.

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Marriage, Daddy, & The Coast

It was our 1st anniversary on the 18th. Our cake was still good. And that weekend is also Father's Day, so we flew out to Oregon to visit my daddy 'n stuff! It was a beautiful trip and I took a whole bag of pictures (whatever that means). We wished we could stay longer, but instead we will just look at these over and over again and live in the past. Yay! Click one to see it larger!

An old church left open...
...and the old organ left in it.
T. Leeds Waters
Daddy and me
The Slobbery One
Rocks are fun!

Rocks on the creek bed are also fun!
Scary cliff for doggies!
Some paparazzi guy was following me around or something... 
Scary monster from the Fog
What IS that?!
happy family.
Pacific City, Oregon

About to drive off a cliff due to delicious Tillamook ice cream
Mount Something on the flight back home

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