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Chickpea Snackers

    Hello world! Remember me? Last time we spoke, I was not married. But now I am! I plan on uploading some pictures to showcase the best parts of my home-made wedding. I am currently still working on editing about 900 of our wedding pictures. It's a huge task, but I was lucky to have such a great photographer.
    Today I made a snack. I rarely make these because they don't easily fit into our budget. But this snack is very cheap and healthy (AND FREAKING EASY). They are kind of like corn nuts. I had my husband stir the chickpeas around every ten minutes while they were baking, but a few came out not so crispy. I'll try 50 minutes next time, along with some onion powder.

Here's the little things while they were cooling.

         ...I wonder if they sell giant cans of chickpeas???

      And now it is my bed time. I'll be back!

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