Easiest Free Money I Know Of

on Friday, April 27, 2012

  • I have explored many options of making easy money online.
  • The best site I've found is SwagBucks!
  • I've gotten $35 so far!
  • I've done literally nothing outside of my normal internet surfing. 

I'm going to share my favorite way of making free money online. For a while there I went kind of crazy with making money online. I'd spend hours on Mturk (which isn't bad if you've got a ton of time on your hands), InboxDollars, and Mypoints. These are all great if you never procrastinate reading your email and can devote hours to meaningless tasks online. But the best way to earn money is through SwagBucks. Seriously. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SEARCH. You set Swagbucks as your default search engine and the more you search the more chances you have at randomly winning "bucks". Instead of saying "google it", my husband and I say "swag it". Here's all the $5 gift cards for Amazon I've gotten in the seven months I've been using them.
And I've got another one I haven't used yet. That's $30 so far. And I haven't even been on my computer for the past couple months. Around Christmas I used this to buy gifts! Also you can do a lot of other things through their website, like cash in old electronics for bucks. I completed a free trial of Netflix and got paid around 1200 bucks. An amazon $5 gift card (which is the best deal for the bucks) costs 450 bucks. So I got paid $10 and was closer to the next gift card, just for trying Netflix. The thrill of randomly winning bucks is fun too! My husband and I excitedly always tell each other when we win. One time I won 51! Yippy! Anyways, here it is again: Swagbucks.com.

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