Four Things On My Windowsill

on Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello world! I haven't posted in a while. I have been busy working! One of the best things that has happened recently is my upgrade from blackberry storm to HTC Thunderbolt. Finally I have a powerful smartphone! I'm writing from it now.
My windowsill is the display case of my house. I keep my favorite beautiful things there. And all of them are important to me.
The first of just four of these things is a papercraft I downloaded from He has aspects of Russian nesting dolls which I love. The second object is a plaster owl my mom made and sent to me. The third is an antique owl trinkets my mom got me, sitting on top of a cube I painted in my favorite colors and labeled with different random things you can do at any time. Sometimes this cube dictates my day if I can't decide what to start doing. The last thing is a fabric owl my mom sewed and sent to me. By this point you'll know we obviously love owls.
The picture was created by, in my opinion, THE BEST camera app for Android,  CameraZOOMFX.

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  1. two things: i'm excited to try out this camera app. i love my Android:) AND: thanks so much for the book reccs!! i'm so excited to look into them:)


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