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on Tuesday, April 19, 2011

          Cuteness is abstract, subjective, and undefinable, but I love cute things. I don't know why. So, as I am always happiest when I am creating and contributing to the beauty of the world, I make cute things. Here are just some of my previous creations.


These are my Peas in a Pod. They are crocheted, 
and you can rearrange them or throw them at the unsuspecting.

                   These are made of Sculpey clay. The robot has a metal eye hook so you can chain him onto a necklace or some other stringy place. And if you didn't notice, the elephant has a heart on his butt :) 

        This owl is made of fused plastic. That is thin plastic (grocery bags in this case) ironed together to make a thicker plastic. I stuffed and sewed him together, and used felt for the wings and face. The cupcake is sewn and stuffed, and the cherry on top is made from Sculpey clay.
        These two PB&J guys are made from Sculpey clay too, and sprayed with an acrylic glossy coat. Sadly, they are the only ones of a big batch of cute things that survived being sprayed with the gloss. Somehow it reacted with the clay and became perpetually sticky. All the others are covered with dust and cat hair! Maybe some day I will try to salvage them.
         The cube you see in both pictures I made for no reason. It is painted with all my favorite colors, and features things I like to do (some more than others) on each side.

       These cupcakes I made to put on that Christmas tree one year. My mom and I would do different themes and make the ornaments for the tree each year. That year the theme was candy and cute treats. If you click on the tree picture you can see tissue paper candies, gingerbread men, cupcakes, a to-scale lollipop made from Sculpey, swirly "mints" (made from Scupley and pressed into a cake decorating embellishment mold), and lots of bright colors.
       I made the cupcakes out of small cupcake liners (a bunch still stuck together per cupcake), Sculpey clay cherries, and bright fun quilt square prints. I just used hot glue to bunch up the fabric and glue it to the inside of the liners, then I stuffed it, and I poked an unfolded paperclip in one edge and glued it for the ornament hook. 

     So, these are just the things I have on hand. I've made many more but they have either been given away, are packed where I can't find them, or left at my mom's house. Or my cat ate them.  Hope these inspired you and snuck joy into your heart! Come again soon!

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