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on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today is a the birthday of my blog. I will share neat things here, and generally attempt to share my interests with anyone who finds theirs similar. 

With that, I will start off showing the little monster I crochet using this cute pattern at CRAFTYisCOOL blog. I've been crocheting Sackboys for our wedding cake toppers, and it's been a difficult start. The yarn I was using, which happened to be the PERFECT color, was too big, making a giant Sackboy. Since the wedding cake is going to be small, that just wasn't going to work. So I have yet to start over with the new yarn I got (which was finally found at the third store I went to). In the mean time, I needed a little instant gratification to keep me interested, which is why I crochet this little monster! He's adorable.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back to watch my blog grow! 

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  1. This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! I like the image up top! Cute and interesting...Daniel


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